Keep A Movie Memorabilia Collection In Storage For Safekeeping

Storage units serve a valuable purpose. They provide a safe area for people to put their belongings and afford a way to declutter a home or apartment. Collectors might amass a large number of memorabilia, and movie poster collector may find their one-sheets, stills, and lobby cards would be better off inside a secure location rather than risk damage in an overcrowded residence. Movie memorabilia may prove difficult and expensive to replace, so placing items in a storage unit could be the best decision when worried about the items suffering damage.

Risks to Movie Posters and Memorabilia 

Residences are not always the most secure place for movie merchandise, as these paper goods could suffer damage in many unexpected ways. An unforeseen plumbing mishap could result in water damage that ruins many rare items. And even if the items never become soaked in water, moisture and improper storage may result in the items becoming moldy and damaged irreparably. A storage unit could be a far safer location for a collection since the risks of water damage and other hazards may decrease.

Worries About Fire Hazards

Posters, press kits, and other collectibles are made from paper, and amassing an extensive collection of these items could present a fire hazard. If a fire breaks out, all those paper goods may ignite and burn immediately. Perhaps moving them into storage would be a safer alternative than keeping these things in room after room in a home. 

Avoiding Damage From Clutter and Disorganization

Collectors might build up their extensive movie-related belongings over many years. Some items may be valuable, but they fall victim to being out of sight and not stored properly. Wrinkles, creases, and other issues could befall items haphazardly pushed into closets or wherever free space becomes available. Storing belongings in this way could diminish their monetary and sentimental value.

A Careful Storage Plan

Collectors should employ care when moving their memorabilia into storage. Picking the right size unit would prevent the same woes as cramming belongings into a crowded closet. Also, choosing a climate-controlled storage unit may prevent humidity from causing damage. The collections should go into sturdy containers that contain labels detailing the contents. Placing stills, press kits, and lobby cards into protective bags may help preserve them. Highly prized posters may remain in their frames, as the frame may help keep them safe. Occasionally checking on the items in storage might be a good plan, too.

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