An Adjustable Pallet Rack System Might Be The Ideal Storage Solution For Your Warehouse

If you store supplies or inventory in your warehouse on pallets and you're starting to run out of space, it's probably time to buy some pallet racks so you can start stacking pallets and clear up floor space. There are a few types of pallet racks available, and adjustable racks are a common choice. Here's why you might want adjustable pallet racks for your warehouse. 

You Can Configure The Racks How You Want

Adjustable pallet racks can be stacked to the height you want and lined up with aisles of your desired width. You can also make the shelves the height you need. The decks of the racks can be made of wood or metal, but metal might be the right choice since it is less of a fire hazard and is more durable.

Adjustable pallet racks are filled by using a forklift that moves through the aisles of racks. The aisles have to be wide enough so a forklift can move through. However, if you're short on space, you can move the racks closer together if you have a narrow forklift that can fit through a narrow aisle.

It's Easy To Manage Your Pallets

An adjustable pallet rack makes it easy to load the racks and get what you need off the racks. That's because each pallet is accessible to the forklift. The forklift can maneuver the entire length of the aisle, stop, and pick up the pallet needed. This makes it easy to keep track of your inventory and keep your supplies in order.

This type of rack is different from the type where a loaded pallet is pushed into an open end of the rack and removed from the other end. In that type of system, the pallets in the middle aren't easily accessible. It's important to understand your needs and how you'll use your supplies when deciding which type of racking system is right for your warehouse.

An Adjustable Rack System Is Easy To Build

Besides being able to customize an adjustable pallet rack system, your crew will find it easy to put the racks together and take them apart. This allows you to move the racks if you need to or take them apart to reconfigure them. You'll have a lot of control over your storage racks when you choose adjustable racks, and that's why they're a popular choice.

You may want to look at pallet rack systems in operation before deciding on what you need, especially if you don't know too much about storage racks. You'll want to choose a system that fits your space, allows you easy access to your goods, and works with the forklift equipment you already have.

Contact a local storage service to learn more about warehouse pallet racks.

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