Choosing The Right Self Storage Facility And Unit For Your Needs

When you are in need of some additional storage, whether you are moving and downsizing temporarily, planning to travel and need a place to keep your possessions, or just need extra space, there are many factors to consider in choosing the self-storage facility and unit that would be best for you. Before you jump on the first storage facility you see, get to know some of these factors. Then, you can be sure you get the ideal self-storage facility and unit for your needs. 

Pay Attention to Location Convenience

If you are storing items that you may need to get into from time to time, then the location of the storage facility is key. You want a place that is conveniently located for you, whether that is near your place of work or near your home. You do not want to have to drive a long distance to go get your stuff. 

For example, if you are keeping off-season items in your storage unit, you might need to rotate them anywhere from two to four times a year. Having a self-storage facility that is close to places you will be (like home or the office) will ensure that you can get there to rotate everything quickly and easily. 

Get to Know the Location Security

The security of the self-storage facility you choose also very important. In fact, security may be the most important self-storage services offering of the facility. Be sure that you thoroughly check out the security of the storage facility and storage units you are considering. 

If they have gates, how are the storage units accessed? Do you need a key code to get in or are the gates just open during business hours? Are there cameras around the facility, if so, how many are there and are they pointed in the right areas? Is there someone on duty during business hours? Is there any security detail after hours? All of these are important questions to consider and get answered before you settle on the right self-storage facility for you. 

Consider Whether You Need a Climate Controlled Unit

Another factor to consider when you are choosing a self-storage facility and unit is whether or not you will need climate control for your unit. Think about what you plan to store. Is anything temperature sensitive? Are you storing books, old albums, or CDs and DVDs, for example? Or is it outdoor items that you are storing like tools, outdoor decor, and the like?

Things like books, dishes, breakables, and the like should likely be in climate controlled storage units. Books, for example, can warp with humidity that could occur in a unit without climate control, as climate control is about temperature and humidity levels both. Dishes and breakables can get too hot and crack. 

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