When A Storage Container Is Better Than A Storage Unit

When people think of self-storage, they often think of the big buildings where you can rent a small room to store your stuff. However, this is not the only option. Storage containers are becoming more popular and can be better than a storage unit in some ways. Here are some things to consider about when it would be best to rent a storage container rather than a storage unit.

Lack of Transportation

Do you have a very small car or don't own a car at all? If so, the logistics of getting belongings to the storage unit could be your first problem. You'll end up having to rent a moving truck to get everything there and then rent the truck again to get it all back home. It is also possible that you're looking to move some large items that are too big to fit into your own car.

Since a storage container is dropped off at your home, this is not going to be a problem for trying to load it with stuff. As long as you can get it out of your home and into the container, then you can take advantage of that kind of storage.

Storing Heavy Items

Sometimes the problem is that the item is too big for you to move on your own, which makes the logistics of getting it into a storage unit not very practical. For example, you may have a chest freezer that you want to temporarily get rid of, but you're not sure how you are going to navigate it to a storage unit in a facility. The storage container will make it easy with you having to do the bare minimum amount of moving.

Lack of Immediate Need for Retrieval 

One of the biggest benefits of having a storage unit is that you can access the unit at any time. If there is one thing you need out of it, you can simply stop by and get it. A storage container doesn't have that benefit since you have the whole container delivered to your home when you're ready for it. This limits the accessibility of the container, but it is great if you have a need for long-term storage.

Cut Down On Cost

If you don't need items from the storage container immediately, you can definitely save money by using it instead of a storage unit. The nature of how the storage containers are kept in a warehouse means that the cost of storing them each month is going to be less than a similarly sized storage unit. For more information about storage container rental, speak with a professional who provides this service. 

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