Rent A Storage Unit After Preparing Your Items To Take Up Minimal Space

After building up a large enough collection of belongings in your home, you will come to a point in which you need to decide whether you want to clear out items or find extra storage space. If you do not want to get rid of possessions that your family has collected over the years, you will want to put time and effort into finding a reliable solution for storing your leftover belongings.

Renting a storage unit will give you what you need, but you may not want to rent a huge unit to fit the items that you want to put into storage. A smart plan is to figure out all the ways that you can minimize how much space these belongings take up before bringing anything to storage.

Vacuum Sealed Bags

If you are not using vacuum-seal bags for your items, you should consider putting some of your belongings into these bags as this will minimize how much space they take up. You will get the most benefit from puffy items such as clothes, towels, blankets, and pillows because they can take up a great deal of space when they are not compressed down into a manageable size.

Original Packaging

For some items, you may have kept the original packaging that they came in. This is helpful for when you do not know whether you will need to return an item, but you will find that keeping the original packaging for most belongings will take up unnecessary space in a storage unit rental.

An excellent plan is to remove most or all your items from their original packaging before you put them into boxes, plastic bins, or into the storage unit on their own. This should make a noticeable difference when it comes to reducing how much storage space you need for your belongings.


For the most part, you will find that furniture is what you are able to disassemble before putting pieces into storage. However, you may also be able to disassemble small appliances or decorations that you would like to put into storage to save a bit of space with each item. Using tape to attach hardware and keeping parts in the same bins or boxes will help you disassemble things and store them without having to worry about misplacing parts to put items back together.

Using these tips is an excellent idea if you want to optimize space usage in a storage unit rental.

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