Tips To Help You Protect The Items You Place In Storage From Moisture Damage

Moisture can be damaging to items that you place in self-storage. Moisture and water can warp wood, cause metal to rust or corrode, and leave mold or mildew on your textiles and fabrics. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help protect the items you place in storage from moisture damage. Here are a few of those tips.

Ensure Everything You Place in Your Self Storage Unit Is Dry

One of the best ways to protect the items you place in storage from moisture damage is to ensure they are thoroughly dry before placing them in your unit. It is common for people to wash their clothing or their couch before putting it into storage. If you do, make sure these items are dry to prevent mildew or mold from forming.

Cover the Concrete Slab in Your Storage Unit

Before placing items into an empty storage unit, consider covering the concrete slab with a tarp or canvas drop cloth. This helps to prevent moisture from seeping through the slab and into items that are stored directly on top of the slab.

Make the Most of Plastic

As you prepare your items for a self-storage unit, make the most of plastic. It is common for people to pack their belongings in cardboard boxes, but if you live in a humid climate, use plastic totes instead. Also, don't be afraid to wrap items like your couch or wood table in plastic protecting products. This keeps the moisture off of them, offering up protection.

Use Charcoal or Cat Litter to Absorb Excess Moisture

Both cat litter and charcoal briquettes can absorb moisture in the area. Place small bowls in the corners of your unit to absorb excess moisture in the unit. Replace the bowls with fresh media every one to three months, based on the humidity and moisture level in your unit.

Regularly Check on Your Storage Unit

Finally, be sure to regularly check on your storage unit. It is advised that you check your unit at least once a month. If you smell a musty scent, you likely have moisture problems. This gives you time to find the problems before they worsen and potentially clean your water-damaged items before the problem causes permanent damage.

If you have items that are especially susceptible to moisture or you want to ensure they are kept away from moisture, a climate- and moisture-controlled self-storage unit may be the best choice for you. Otherwise, consider following each of these tips to help protect any of the items that you place in self-storage from moisture damage. Contact self-storage businesses to learn more.

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