Common Storage Unit Struggles And How To Avoid Them

A storage unit can be a total lifesaver when you run out of space for items in your own home. However, there are a number of struggles that can come up when you rent a storage unit. Here's a look at some of those struggles and how to avoid them.

Problem #1: Not having enough space in the unit.

In an attempt to save money, you may be tempted to rent a smaller storage unit and just hope everything fits. But running out of space is a big problem. You are better off erring on the side of "too large" if you are not sure what size unit to rent. Here are some general guidelines for picking the right size:

  • A couple of boxes or an appliance or two: 5 x 5 unit
  • Contents of one room: 5 x 10 unit
  • Contents of a small apartment: 10 x 10 unit
  • Contents of a 3-bedroom home: 10 x 20 unit

You can also ensure everything fits by loading all of your boxes fully. Don't leave empty space; shove some small items in there!

Problem #2: Having trouble accessing your items.

If you decide you need something in your storage unit, you do not want to have to spend an entire day rummaging through box after box to find it. A good way to ensure things are easy to access is to place one stack of boxes against all of the walls, and another big pile of boxes in the middle of the unit. This way, you have a U-shaped walkway through the unit and can access all of the boxes at any time. Also label your boxes clearly, and make sure you stack them with the labels facing out.

Problem #3: Things coming out of the storage unit smelly or moldy.

It's a real shame to pay to store something for a year, only for it to be moldy and smelling of mildew when you pull it out. To prevent items from molding, make sure you choose a climate-controlled unit. Also, clean everything a day or two before putting it in storage so it has time to dry first. If you don't clean items, bacteria may build up on them, leading to odors. And if you clean them too close to your storage day, they'll still be wet, which will lead to molding.

Now that you know how to avoid these common storage unit problems, you can proceed with confidence. For more information on storage units contact a storage facility like Abes Self Storage.

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